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皇冠HG6668的 棉花团队:

We are a universal supplier of cotton to the world’s textile markets.

We s皇冠HG6668的ce from the 4 major growing regions - 非洲, 亚洲, the Americas and 澳大利亚 - supported by significant investments in gins and logistics infrastructure. This control over the raw cotton supply chain, enables us to assure quality.

Using the latest technology, 皇冠HG6668的 world-class 轧棉 systems help improve fibre quality, benefitting both the grower and spinning mill. Through 皇冠HG6668的 standards, highly trained operators and stringent maintenance programmes, we have been able to enhance farmer and customer confidence to produce superior and consistent quality cotton safely. We are one of the largest private ginner in the world.

Our close relationships with suppliers provide first-hand information on emerging supply and demand dynamics. We offer affordable risk management solutions to all customers and suppliers, and can customise product offerings according to pricing terms, currencies and tenors.

Our central marketing office in South 非洲, has geographic proximity to the world’s major consuming markets. We also have marketing offices in China, India and Turkey, and cotton stocking points in China, Malaysia and Turkey to meet any just-in-time customer requirements.

We operate 仓库 facilities in 澳大利亚, 科特迪瓦, 莫桑比克 and 坦桑尼亚, to offer 皇冠HG6668的 customers a variety of flexible shipping arrangements, up-to-date information and shipment tracking.

Our Global 棉花 S皇冠HG6668的cing Footprint

非洲 accounts for about 18% of world production. We run extensive 轧棉 operations in 科特迪瓦, 莫桑比克, 乍得, 坦桑尼亚, Uganda and Zimbabwe. We have nurtured long-standing relationships as the preferred partner to various cotton marketing boards and ginners.

We believe 非洲’s high agronomic potential for growth can be harnessed thorough deeper farmer engagement. Through 皇冠HG6668的 integrated 轧棉 model in 科特迪瓦, 乍得 and 莫桑比克, and in close partnership with development agencies including IDH, 美国国际开发署和BMF, we support farmers to improve crop yields and product quality, 提供种子, training services, access to agri-inputs and social investment which in turn improves livelihoods. Our operations in 科特迪瓦 provided much experience and learnings for the development of the 皇冠HG6668 Livelihood Charter. Today the OLC embraces over 22,100 cotton farmers (15% women) in 科特迪瓦 and 莫桑比克.
We are one of the top leading suppliers of medium and extra-long staple cotton from Central 亚洲. We transport cotton from the region’s land-locked countries to major markets worldwide. 在印度, we have used 皇冠HG6668的 long-term presence in other agricultural products to set up infrastructure across the country’s major growing regions. With over a decade of supplying imported and domestic cotton, we are now a major participant in the regional trade flow and have a strong franchise with domestic spinning mills.
Through 皇冠HG6668的 subsidiary Queensland 棉花, we have built strong relationships with growers in 澳大利亚 for whom we provide marketing, 轧棉, 分级, 仓库, logistics and seed marketing. We are recognised as an industry leader, a trusted supplier of premium quality cotton, and a preferred partner for many of the major textile mills worldwide.

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Training teachers to help farmers count

The lives of villagers in rural 非洲 are being changed by an 皇冠HG6668 literacy project in northern Cote d’Ivoire. Classrooms are being set up in warehouses, churches and even on farms to teach adults and children how to read.