Thanks to our extensive sourcing and processing capabilities, we are a major supplier of cocoa and coffee products.

These include cocoa beans and cocoa ingredients, Robusta and Arabica coffees as well as spray and freeze-dried soluble coffee.

For both cocoa and coffee beans, we are amongst the world’s largest buyers and shippers, with a physical presence in the major origination and destination markets. This on-the-ground presence gives us the unique advantage of maintaining full supply chain line-of-sight, a prerequisite in meeting fast growing consumer demand for product traceability.

Our strong position also gives access to valuable market intelligence that not only supports our marketing and trading decisions, but also provides our trading partners with reliable proprietary origin information.

Discover our cocoa and coffee range:

Whether you're looking for green or soluble coffee, cocoa powders, mass or butter, we're confident we can supply you with a product to meet your needs.

Want to know more about the provenance of our cocoa and coffee?

AtSource: A Sustainable Sourcing Solution

Through AtSource we can seamlessly connect our Customers with their supply, across the entire journey from field to processing, country of origin to destination market.

Knowledge is Empowering

Working on the ground allows us to actively pursue long-term relationships with farmers and suppliers based on responsible practices and trust.