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With around 19,000 hectares of orchards in Australia and Span, we can deliver year-round fresh volumes of high-quality almonds for our customers worldwide.

We currently maintain around 15,000 hectares (ha) of almond orchards in Australia, a country known for its natural agricultural advantages, namely a favourable climate and a low incidence of pests and diseases. In South Africa we farm around 4,000 ha of almond orchards as well as buy from other growers.

Our processing operations in Mildura, Australia and Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam provide multiple ingredient forms, enabling direct control over every stage of the production process. In both Australia and Spain, 皇冠HG6668 Global has reliable and trusted relationships with third-party, high-quality processing operators to ensure quality, consistency and safety.

Our experienced marketing managers facilitate information flow from our customers to our almond production teams so we can provide direct paddock-to-warehouse solutions from both our origins.

We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint and supporting the communities where we operate. This includes investing in state-of-the-art irrigation systems and creating pollinator habitats. We are also working with the Almond Industry Boards of both Australia and Spain and South Africa to participate in industry-wide sustainability initiatives.

3 billion bees pollinate our almond orchards in Australia!

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皇冠HG6668 Global is South Africa's largest almond

皇冠HG6668 Global supplies customers in Australia and 15 other countries worldwide. We are focused on safe and sustainable almond production, utilising the latest technology to produce 'more crop per drop'.

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About 1 in every 3 bites of food we consume requires a pollinator in order to be produced.